Tech News:CES 2016 Wearables Round-Up

CES has come to an end, and although there were not to many “Big reveals” this year, there was plenty of next gen wearable tech on show.

Apple may seem to dominate in the smartphone and tablet arenas, but the Apple Watch has not taken the wearable tech sector by storm…just yet! So here are my 3 stand out wearables from CES 2016.

Misfit Ray

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 21.46.17

Straight away this device stands out from the others due to it’s minamilist desgin and apparent lack of any form of technology. Maybe not for all due to not have a display, but this results in a 6 month battery life!

The Ray is a fitness and sleep tracker that works on both iOS and Android devices. It does have a hidden LED which uses different colour to provide some visual feedback. Launch prices are $99 for the rubber band version and $119 for the leather strap. More info can be found at .

Fitkat Ultimo

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 22.11.02

Possibily my favorite discovery is the Fitkat Ultimo. It ticks all the usual boxes for a wearable fitenss tracker, but goes way beyond the market norm. It allows you to set up guardian contacts so incase of an emergency  so a double click sends an emergency SOS to upto 4 people. It has a built in medication and water consumption reminders. It is also priced at $79! For further info have a look at fitkat. The + version is $129 and has a heart rate monitor built in.

Fitbit Blaze

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 22.21.38

This one has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons following the end of CES. Let this not take away from what appears to be a great devices. Other tech blogs and mainstream gadget sites seem to be posing mainly positive reviews of this all in one watch. With a good sized screen Fitbit have given a lot of visual feedback on both the device as well as your connected smartphone. A range of colours and straps mean it is suitable to wear with most day to day attire but I’m not sold on wantng to wear most when working out. It does have a built in heart rate monitor, has a 5 day battery life between charges and can even deliver fitstar workouts to the watch display. It is on pre order now at £159 head over to Fitbit.



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