Following my round up earlier in the year on the best wearable tech coming out of CES, I thought it was time to invest in one for myself. I wanted a fitness tracker and not something that would replace my day to day watch. So I opted for the Fitbit Charge HR.


Fitbit Charge HR:

This device is similar to the standard Charge but has the addition of the heart rate monitor built in, along with the standard options on most fitness/activity trackers.

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I have read many reviews on different fitness trackers all giving varying results. A fair assumption would be that you use the results as a good guide but not 100% factual.

The Charge HR is a great looking unit that fits very well thanks to the well sized strap holes.  It is meant to be worn loose and higher up than a watch would. The display is minimal but well designed to give you all the info you need at a glance.

There is a discrete button on the side that allows you to navigate the different activities but you can also tap the top of the device under the display.

The bulk of your data comes from the smartphone app (iOS, Android, Windows) where you can modify your dashboard to provide the info that is important to you.




This data is loaded against your account so you can access it in your web browser for more in depth reports.

Fitbit claim a long battery life lasting up to 5 days.  I have been using mine for a month now and think 3-4 days is a better guide.  Charging is by a special USB cable that comes with the unit.

The biggest revelation is the silent alarm setting. Using the app you can set you morning wake up call to the Fitbit. At your chosen time rather than letting off some annoying sound the Fitbit vibrates. This is the way forward!!

Round Up:

An all round great fitness tracker with a wealth of data collected and displayed very well.

Good Points

  • Wears and sits well on wrist.
  • Useful display info
  • Caller ID and alert when connected to phone.
  • Silent alarm is the way forward!
  • HR data is useful to have and know.

Bad Points

  • Gets sweaty easily.
  • Can be pricey at certain retailers.
  • Battery life could be longer.
  • Lose the charge cable and it will cost you another £17 for a new one!
  • Tap to operate function is not very responsive.