If you have liked the looks, styling and price tags on the Tumi Carbon Fiber range, but felt a dash of colour was in order, then get your credit cards ready!!


A Vision in Blue

Tumi have now updated three of the carbon fiber products to also come in Navy along with the standard drab grey/black carbon option.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 13.16.30

They are:


There is no denying the prices are high for most of us, but Tumi have always been about quality products.  The Tumi Carry-On Luggage range, for example, is still one of the most trusted brands for business travellers worldwide.

“The pinnacle of luxury and innovation, CFX is TUMI’s ultra-premium collection of soft carbon fiber bags and accessories. Our exclusive, American-made carbon fiber CX6™ uses a superior wet infusion process, adapted to create high strength, low stretch and lightweight performance properties for utmost performance.”

I wonder how many of these will be spotted out and about in the coming weeks!