Although some campers/backpackers/explorers/ramblers would suggest you need to be without all these mod cons to enjoy the great outdoors, there is no denying tech such as mobile phones can come in handy in case of an emergency!

If so, then most would probably opt for some form of portable power such as battery packs.  These are now more powerful than ever and can provide multiple charges over many days.  We covered some last month in our festival survival guide.  However this would just be an extra piece of kit and additional weight to carry.


CampStove from BioLite

The team at BioLite Energy have developed the CampStove (along with some other great products) which not only cooks your dinner but charges your devices at the same time.

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With no need for coal or gas fuels, the CampStove uses only the wood/twigs you find around you to create a near smokeless flame.

Then, while you are cooking your sausages the thermoelectric generator is creating clean electricity for you to charge your phone, camera, lights and more.

Giving the user a very real on demand source of electricity that can be used night or day on many USB powered devices.

The CampStove generates 2W at 5v at a continuous use and peak 4w at 5v.  This translates into, 20 mins of charge time should give around 60mins additional talk time to your phone charge.  This of course depends on your handset!



The technology behind the CampStove is brilliantly designed to give a small, compact unit that still provides sufficient room at the top to cook and boil water, while generating a strong enough source of electricity for modern day, power hungry devices.

BioLite are also proud to be a carbon neutral company who take the technology and feedback from their retail units and put all this knowledge into their HomeStove.  This unit is used in some of the poorest parts of the world where indoor smokey cooking fires contribute to nearly 2 million deaths each year!

There is a demo video on the CampStove over on YouTube or for the full range and learn more about BioLite they have a YouTube Channel covering all their products.

The CampStove itself is for sale on their website for £124.95.