If you still can’t get your hands on the new iPhone or unsure about the Note7 following it’s unfortunate entrance into the market, then fear not as up next for their product launch is Google.


Google Pixel Phone

Along with a whole lot of new hardware, Google are expected to release their new “own branded” smartphones to replaces the current Nexus range.


The handset is expected to come in standard (5″) and XL (5.5″) formats, which appears to be the norm; see Apple iPhone & Plus or Samsung Galaxy S7 & Note7.

If the rumours are to be believed then Google are lining this up to be the flagship Android device available on the market.  With Android features exclusive to this handset, such as rounded icons.

Rather than speculate on the rumours, I will wait for the reveal at tomorrows event in San Francisco where I will cover the full specs and images on the new handset.

If you want to follow it along you can watch the live stream on the Google YouTube Channel or here on the site.