Finally, two months after it’s launch and a month after the unprecedented worldwide recall of handsets; what could have been phone of the year is back on the market.


Samsung Galaxy Note7 Sales Resume

Now that Samsung have addressed an isolated battery cell issue which affected a small number of handsets, via their global replacement program, they will have plenty of catching up to do.  Since this PR disaster Apple have given us the iPhone 7/7plus and today Google are expected to release the Pixel/Pixel XL.




To help build up some momentum Samsung have opened Galaxy Note7 experience zones in a number of locations across Korea.  This will let people get hands on with the device, and if they are lucky, start making some positive impression on social media etc to spread the word.

Before reports started to surface about exploding units, the Note7 was shaping up to be “the” phone of 2016.  With it’s iris scanning technology, S-pen functions, Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen all wrapped up in a great looking unit, it had all the bases covered.




To reassure the public Samsung have made 3 software and 1 physical changes to help identify the new handsets.  A green battery icon will now be visible on the:

  • Status bar
  • Always On Display screen
  • Power Off prompt screen

There will also be a solid black square on the bar code label of all new phones.

Customer safety remains Samsung’s highest priority. As the company introduces new Galaxy Note7 devices to the market, Samsung continues to strongly encourage all Galaxy Note7 users who have not yet participated in the exchange program to immediately do so by contacting their place of purchase or calling a designated local call center as soon as possible.

At the time of writing, the phone is still not available for purchase on the Samsung website in the UK, but will be soon.  Korea were first, on October 1st and the global roll out will expand rapidly as Samsung look to recover from this episode.