To mark uber’s new method in operating their uberPOOL service in London they have launched a promo code to make your next 4 POOL trips a flat £5 rate.


New uberPOOL – smarter and faster

The new system is an attempt to save time for both driver and POOL passengers by avoiding some of London’s 1 way systems.  As most force the driver to complete a trip around the block, easily adding 10 mins to a trip per pick up.




Now uber are asking you to walk a short distance to meet your driver at a location where their system thinks you will both reach at the same time!

This is a great idea which will benefit everyone, although it may not feel this way sometime in early January with sideways rain and 4°!!

I also expect to see some interesting routing suggestions to begin surfacing on the net when this system gets it wrong.

In London uberPOOL is available in Zones 1&2 only.

Enter promo code POOL4FIVE to get your next 4 uberPOOL rides for £5 each until 31st October when you try the new way to POOL, available between 6am and 9pm.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Valid for your next 4 POOL trips between 6am and 9pm from 4th October to 31st October which start and end in the uberPOOL service area.

  • Promotion code must be applied before the first ride is taken and will be valid for the duration of the promotion period, subject to availability of uberPOOL partners.

  • Terms & Conditions Apply.


If you are new to using uber you can read my review on the site.  The App can be downloaded from your device’s app store (iOS, Google Play, Windows, Amazon).  

If you prefer you can use my referral link to sign up and you will earn a free ride (t&c’s apply). Otherwise you can just sign up on their website.