I have a huge soft spot for these backpacks.  SLICKS, along with brands such as Lat_56°, get what is needed to develop real luggage for travel.  Some may call them modular in design, which would be a fair call, but it works; and works well.  For regular travellers who demand the most from their carry on’s, everything has it’s place in these pieces and they have been designed well enough to accommodate all of your items.

In fact SLICKS were one of the very first articles I ran on this site.  After discovering them on Kickstarter I realised there are others, like me, who take pride in the luggage they use and the technology they depend on to be savvy connected travellers, in any walk of life.


SLICKS Webshop Now Live

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, where they raised c.£426,000, SLICKS announced on Twitter that their products are in stock and on sale at their new Webshop.




There are 4 version to choose from, with each one coming with a Black or reflective Yellow branding tab at the bottom.




You can also purchase each of the individual bags or covers to mix and match as you please.




Sadly, it seems they are currently only shipping to Switzerland and Liechtenstein at present, but that should hopefully change soon.  I will update this post once they do!

You can do some window shopping in the meantime!


Thanks to the team at SLICKS for pointing out how to select your country for shipping.  In the top left corner, if you click on SCHWEIZ/SUISSE it will present you with a country selection box:



Select your country, and you will be able to continue with your order.  It is worth noting they also offer free shipping to USA, UK, European Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Vietnam on orders over £70.