TECH News: The Most Functional Travel Bag Ever!


They might be making a bold claim with “The Most Functional Travel Bag Ever!”, but it appears Nomatic, might just be on to something with their latest crowd funding campaign.


The Nomatic Travel Bag

Having already run a very successful Kickstarters for their wallet & Notebook they are now seeking funding for, what could be, one of the best all-rounders on the market.



This 2 in 1 backpack/hold-all has got you covered from a quick business trip to a week long outdoor pursuit.  The understated design conceals a feature packed piece of luggage that would suit anyone and be more than appropriate for most trips.




The fully waterproof outer opens up to store your items with a host of purpose made sections.  The top section opens with a full perimeter zip that gives total access to the core of the backpack and even when the side pouches, such as shoe compartment are full, the core remains spacious.

A great addition is the vacuum bag, this allows you to shrink down a bulk load of clothing to allow you to fit even more into the Nomatic.




Want to use it as a carry on for a weekend away? Not a problem, the Nomatic meets carry on measurements and can fit more than enough in it.  Business trip? A well folded suit can fit into the core with shoes kept separate. Camping? Switch it to the backpack with no straps hanging down.  The waterproof and rugged outer material will keep your kit dry and safe.

One bag, many uses!




At present you can get the Nomatic Travel bag for $179 (+ shipping) via their indiegogo campaign.  This includes one Travel Bag, one Laundry Bag and one other add-on of your choice.  The add-ons are:

  • Shirt Organiser
  • Waist Strap
  • Toiletries Bag
  • Vacuum Bag

The Nomatic Travel bag is a great looking piece of luggage packed with more features than a Swiss army knife!




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