Groov>>e create a wide range of audio products which are mostly targeted at the toddler to tweens markets (3-16) but have a great catalogue of products for all.


Kids DJ Style Headphones with Volume Limiter

The Kiddiez range of headphones from Groov>>e are designed and aimed for the ages of 3+, with a built in volume limiter to protect your children’s ears, regardless of how loud a device can provide audio output.





The volume limiter is surprisingly good and does not affect the audio quality on them.  It is limited to 85dB where most standard headsets can be around 100+dB.

For the purpose of this review I tested them with kids aged 3 & 4 as well as myself.  There were never any complaints about them not being loud enough.  Even when on an aircraft with plenty of background noise.  This is thanks to the very good fit around the ears, keeping much of that noise out.




Build Quality

The plastic head band is very durable and flexible as you would expect for something designed with kids in mind.  It can nearly twist flat, but would not recommend doing so.

The adjustable sides made them a perfect fit for the 3 year old all the way up to my own head shape.  The ear cushions are well fitted and very comfortable when worn.



They come in two colour combinations, Green/Blue and Pink/Purple.  With the connection coming in the form of the 3.55mm audio jack.  Therefore these will work with all smartphones, tablets, MP3s etc.  If you have a iPhone 7/7+ you will of course need the lightning to audio jack connector!



Final Thoughts

Pro – The build quality is very good.  I watched these being pulled and used as kids would and they remained as new.  The sound is acceptable with the limiter not affecting the use.  The current UK price is £13.99 and good value.

Cons – This is not a fault unique to just these, but all children headphones.  The chord is fixed into the headset.  This can potentially cause a hazard!  On some high end headphones you will find an audio jack on the ear piece so you can plug the cable in.  This feature should be standard for children’s headsets, so the chord will detach from the headset should they catch on something.