Now the dust has settled on the latest Apple event we are left with 3 new versions of the MacBook Pro.  Some parts of the internet are claiming them to be the best thing since Cheesecake (don’t judge me!), whilst others are calling it the least inventive new product coming out of Cupertino.


MacBook Pro (2016)

After a long, long wait for a product refresh on the powerhouse laptop from Apple, most of the earlier rumors proved to be true as we now have an improved 13″ Pro (standard) and new 13″ & 15″ models with the much anticipated Touch Bar.




The big addition to the Pro family is the new Touch Bar and Touch ID.

The Touch Bar is found at the top of the keyboard and replaces the function keys.  It is, in effect, an extension of your screen, changing automatically based on what you’re doing.




With Touch ID now available on a Mac, it will allow for instant access to logins and secure online purchases with Apple Pay.  The ID sensor is the same as that found on the iPhone7 and is built into the power button.

The bar itself is a small thin Retina display which is touch responsive.  You can also customise the bar by dragging/drop from your main screen with your cursor.




The next visible upgrade is on the trackpad which is now twice the size of the previous MacBook Pro but now includes Force Touch.  The Force sensors detect how much pressure you’re applying, and the Taptic Engine provides a click sensation when you press anywhere on the surface.  The sensory capabilities of the Force Touch trackpad allow you to tell your MacBook what you want it to do based on subtle differences in the amount of pressure you apply. This makes it possible to perform a variety of different actions in different apps, all on the same surface.

The bulk of the changes from the previous MacBook Pro, happen under the hood with:

  • 130% Faster Graphics
  • 100% Faster Flash Storage
  • Up to 10 hours Battery life
  • Up to 3.8ghz Turbo Boost processing
  • 58% more Volume with better bass tones
  • Better Key Stability with the Apple Butterfly Mechanism

Following on from the MacBook, the new Pro line up has also lost the backlit Apple Logo on the top cover and now has the glossy version that stands out against the matt finish.  The Pro also comes in a choice of colours for the first time, with either Silver or Space Grey.




Finally it is worth noting that once again Apple have given you reason to spend a small fortune on adapters as they do away with more ports.  Both versions of the Touch Bar Pro come with 4 x USB C Thunderbolt 3  ports, while the new Standard Pro comes with 2!




The big talking point for UK customers though, was the new pricing.  With many placing the blame on currency and Brexit, Apple have ramped up the base price with the new Standard 13″ starting at £1449.  It gets worse if you want the new Touch Bar with the 13″ beginning at £1749 and the 15″ at £1949.

As usual, all 3 models are available for purchase from the Apple Store.