At the start of the year I reviewed the current uber app, and was impressed with how, end to end, the whole process ran.  This week uber released their latest version of the app which has not been done since 2012.

Over the last few years they have added and added to the app which made it big and slow regardless of your device, with most not knowing the full power of the services on offer to them.

The New, Connected uber!

Firstly, this new version of uber is not one for the “tin hat” brigade.  User data is at the forefront of improving your experience in the app!

uber are now utilising the vast amount of data, their millions of rides have accumulated over the years, to provide a streamlined yet more intuitive app experience for the user.




The first change regular users will notice is when you open the app.  Rather than starting with your pick up point or wanting to confirm it, they simply now ask you “Where to?” because that’s the reason you are using the app, right? To get somewhere.

You will  immediately be able to see near by uber cars in this first view and if the app recognises your location as somewhere they have collected you before it offers you shortcut buttons to where you have travelled to from this location previously.




The confirmation page has also had a refresh.  Once you have selected your destination it shows you the fastest route based on the area and the time of day.  All factors that could speed up or slow down your journey are calculated.

Selecting which uber to use has had some love given to it.  With classes such as Economy, Premium and More being added which then allows you to select which type you want under that class.  The new More class allows for disabled riders or those needing assistance or even child seats.  Something the old app sorely lacked.

The amount of services available to you are dependant on where in the world you are and the service have in that city.




So, so far so good the core reason for using the app and the interaction you have with it has been made a more straight forward and easier to use app.




Once you have booked your ride you now get some other options.  How about some music from Pandora?  Hungry? How about arranging for uberEATS to deliver some food at your destination.  Going somewhere new? Call on the power of Yelp & Foursquare to give you hints and tips on where you are heading.

As uber continue their expansion you can see this area of the app open up to targeted advertising based on your destination and previous drop offs.




Overall the core of why you would use the app has been improved drastically.  It looks better, navigates quicker and is much clearer on vehicle type and price for the trip.  The addition of the More class is a welcome one, and could open up it up for new users.


You can download uber on iOS, Google Play, Windows and Amazon.  If you prefer you can use my referral link to sign up and you will earn a free ride (t&c’s apply).  Otherwise you can just sign up on their website.