Since it’s launch back in September 2016 during the IFA event in Berlin, the Samsung Gear S3 has been one of the best smart watches on the market.  Although it had more of a masculine design to it, Samsung shuffled their range so their “go to market” structure on wearables covered the Gear Fit2, S2 and S3, although they are still 3 different watches, tech wise inside.

The big drawback on owning any of these though was that to use them properly you needed a Samsung smartphone, then later for the S3 any Android running 4.4 Kit Kat.  That meant iPhone users who had not gone down the Apple Watch route were missing out!


Samsung Offer iOS Apps

Last week, while most of the tech world were in Las Vegas soaking up CES, Samsung slipped out a press release with great news for the iPhone users among us.





As of now iPhone users can download one of two apps to allow them to use their Samsung Wearable in conjunction with their iPhone!  In the statement Samsung said:


While features and functions will vary by device, iOS users will be able to enjoy the Samsung Gear S3’s timeless and stylish design, IP68 water and dust resistance, as well as the built-in GPS, Alti/barometer and Speedometer apps. It is available in two bold models – the Gear S3 frontier, which takes inspiration from the active explorer with a rugged design, as well as the Gear S3 classic, featuring an elegant style with the balance found on luxury timepieces. Users will also be able to track their fitness by monitoring distance and route traveled, running pace, calories burned and heart rate.

This is great news for iPhone users who may not have brought into the Apple Watch but instead prefered the more unique designs of the Samsung offering.


The Gear S app supports the S2 and S3 models.  Although Samsung make it clear this does not give you 100% compatibility between your iOS and Samsung devices, you do get all the core functions and some additional ones, but hopefully this will continue to evolve!

The Gear Fit app supports the Fit2 model.

You can read the full press release here.  The apps are available for download now and you can pick up any of the above smart watches direct from Samsung, although the Gear S3 Frontier is out of stock……..AGAIN!!