Following on from my preview, on the brilliant Wearable Stroller from Omnio, there is now another device on the market that just makes parenting easier!


Mifold: Grab & Go Car Booster Seat

With Health and safety laws continuously being updated, travelling parents will always face the age old dilemma, “to bring the car seat or not”.

To bring your own, can often mean planning your whole holiday around it, where as playing the lottery of getting one from the car hire place is often not worth the risk!  Well Mifold have the answer….. for those with 4 year olds (upwards) at least!




The Mifold is a compact booster seat that is 10x smaller than your average rigid toddler booster and folds down into an easily storable slim unit (10″ x 5″ x 2″).  That is small enough to fit in any rucksack, case, glove box or even a pocket!!




Although the design is great, the brilliance is in the thought behind the Mifold.  Normal booster seats are designed to lift the toddler to the belt, Mifold provides the same levels of safety by bringing the belt down to the toddler on the seat.

The two side guides are adjustable for a perfect fit and hold the lap segment of the belt firmly in the correct position.  The third guide, or clip, is at the end of the strap.  This is designed to bring the torso part of the belt down to the correct position of the child.  Putting the belt across the chest and shoulder, away from the face and neck is what the original booster seat achieved just by lifting the child to the correct height.  Mifold have done this the other way around and with a lot less bulk.




When you watch the launch video, it is clear to see everything has been thought of during the design phase, by a parent who has experienced the hassles of having, or not having, a booster seat when travelling.  

You can tell this just by the fact the Mifold is destined to be considered dishwasher safe! 🙂




The Mifold is already on sale in the US, direct from their site at $49.  Most other countries can get in early on this by visiting the Indiegogo page where a single Mifold is currently priced at $56.




I know for every parent, safety comes first, and there is an extensive Q&A at the bottom of the Indiegogo page that is well worth a read.

There are also some insightful fact videos in the gallery section of the Mifold website.