In publishing this site, I get to see plenty of new tech and gadgets.  Some great and some not so, but every now and then I discover something that resonates with me.  It is this tech, that I choose to build and create this site with, rather than just preview or review it, but to purchase and use it daily.


Life. Camera. Action.

I’m sharing this post as I know a large number of subscribers are big on photography, travel/tech blogging or tech enthusiasts.  Likewise many of the Instagram followers are making and sharing some great content so I know this post will benefit all of you.




David Basulto, the creator of the iOgrapher, has today released his book on mobile film making.  For the next 3 days you can get a digital copy (Kindle) from Amazon for $1/£0.99 and in doing so you will gain access to Davids closed Facebook Group, where he will be sharing his knowledge beyond what he already does via the normal iOgrapher Page.

Why am I sharing this? Well, beyond the iOgrapher for iPhone 6+ I own (modified for my 7+ because I’m impatient :P), the tech is only half the story for me.  Since discovering iOgrapher I have found Dave’s podcasts, Facebook live and periscope streams to be educational and help me on my way to build up my (soon to be launched) YouTube channel to support the site.

He goes beyond his own product to share additional hardware and covers a large range of software to cover all needs and budgets for creating great content from just your mobile device.

So thank you, Dave!

You can download a copy from your local Amazon store (link for US site) and I would recommend taking a look at the iOgrapher Youtube Channel.