More fine tuning on the Google Maps app for Android sees a welcome update that will help travellers in a new city!


One Touch Everyday Info

On Monday, Google announced a redesign to the Android Google Maps app (no iOS news, but expect it shortly).  The focus is to bring some existing features, bundled in with a few new ones, easily to the front view as and when you need them.




On the latest version you will be able to swipe up on the home screen to be presented with 3 new tabs.

The first tab will use your location to provide you with lists of places to eat & drink.  Change the category using the labelled buttons, and you can find other local amenities such as ATM’s, Post Office or Chemists and grocery stores.

If you have difficulty locating what you are looking for you can pull up user images of the area to help direct yourself to your destination.

The second feature is more an every day addition.  If you have your home and work addresses stored within the app, the driving tab will give you an ETA to both locations using real time data.  If you select either destination the app can provide a turn by turn guide to get you there, or even just keep you informed of traffic as you make your way.




If you are away travelling you could just change your home/work addresses to your hotel or places of interest (car hire/airport/stations etc)!

Finally, the transit tab, provides real time information on bus/tram/train routes local to you.  Again, using your stored addresses, the app will provide the fastest route using public transport to your chosen end point.

You can read the full release on the Google Maps Blog.