No sooner do I preview the brilliant Life Lite, than the team at Lume Cube announce their next addition.

Lume Cube LITE

The original Lume Cube was aimed at those serious on photo or video capture, and the Life Lite is what Lume Cube want us to use in our everyday activities; they now have a third option sat directly between these two.




Lume Cube LITE has the same specs as the original but with 2 features removed.  They have taken out Bluetooth connectivity and the optical sensor.

This means the LITE will be manually operated using the two rubber covered buttons to the top of the unit.

The loss of the optical sensor should not impact most users, as the sensor is primarily used in flash photography.  The LITE and Life Lite are better suited for travellers who want to add a touch of professionalism to their media.

Comparing the Original v LITE shows we get to keep all the  qualities that made the original such a hit with mobile creators.




The LITE has 2 settings to choose from, you can trigger the strobe by depressing the right hand button for two seconds, pressing it again to turn off.

The second setting is the one most would use the LITE for, it has 10 different brightness settings reaching up to 750 lux!  It is worth remembering Lume Cube & LITE are high powered LEDs, this means the devices will get hot.  They do have internal built in sensors that will shut them down if/when they reach the maximum heat.


When you compare all 3 from a pricing point, there is not much in way of a difference! 


If you are not sure what a Lume Cube can add to your mobile photography and video check out the Lume Cube Instagram page or search #LitByLume on social media.