Last year I previewed the Pilot from Waverly Labs, an innovative piece of tech that gained more hits across the site and my social media than any other article I published in 2016!

During their Indiegogo campaign, Waverly Labs committed to adding additional languages to an already impressive line up by fall/autumn 2017.  It appears they are on track to deliver!


Becoming even more Multilingual

If you are unfamiliar with the Pilot, let me recap the introduction I gave it back in June.

The Pilot has taken language translating technology that is already available, and made it wearable. Giving the world it’s first ear piece language translator.  Currently seeking funding on indiegogo the Pilot aims to change how people travel the world by empowering them to  communicate, regardless of language.

Using dual noise cancelling microphones to reduce background noise, the ear piece can then focus on the person talking to you.  This is then passed to the app where the software applies speech recognition to what has been said, translates it into your own language and plays it back into the ear piece. This is instantaneous! If 2 people have an ear piece each you can have a full conversation in your own language without delay.


The Indiegogo campaign is now over and the device is available for pre-order direct from Waverly for $249 for summer deliveries.

Todays good news is that there will be at least an additional 10 languages added to the 5 supported when the first round of deliveries start arriving in May.

At launch the Pilot will support English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.


This fall, you will be able to purchase additional languages which include Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, German, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian and Turkish but also a variety of other languages families we are currently exploring.” Marion, Director of Marketing and Communications

Those, who got in on the Pilot during the Indiegogo campaign get all new language packs for free as part of the early bird perks.  There is no pricing as yet for the additional languages announced, but I will cover them once they are.

You can read the full press release on the Waverly Labs Blog.