This Smart watch may not be directly associated with Travel Tech as such but can help keep your children stick to a routine from home during that family vacation.  Whether it is a more relaxed approach or gentle reminders of daily activities, it is very much worth a preview.


Octopus Watch by Joy

This is not a watch aimed at teaching your children time, it is more about the management of it and to build a structure to their day!




How many times a day do you ask your child to do something, then when do you stop asking and start telling? How often does this lead to you taking them to the task and doing it for them.  I know that sounds familiar to most parents.

So how about a fun and engaging piece of tech that removes that, at times, struggle and provides your children with a sense of responsibility, being grown up and doing things for themselves?  All while you are pulling the strings in the background.




Aimed at children aged 3 though to 8, Joy have created a watch that takes all of its commands from the app on your smartphone (Android & iOS when released) putting you in total control and allowing you to tailor every activity and time regardless of whether you are at home or on vacation.

Once you have created a schedule the app syncs to their watch.  It will help your child learn both digital and analogue time reading, but it is the 500+ icons which make the Octopus Watch a great learning tool.

The plastic straps are hypoallergenic, nontoxic and comfortable.  While the screen offers a clear easy to see display, an action button to the top right, and has haptic feedback (buzz/vibration).




At 3 years old most toddlers cannot read the time but can identify with the icons.  So they learn by association.

The next phase moves on from the icons to a digital type face, as they learn numbers and become more time aware.

The third mode which takes them  up to 8+ is the analogue face.  The core function of the watch remains whilst growing with your childs age and skill set.


Everything is setup via an app, so Octopus can evolve with your ever-changing needs. It provides templates for routines based on age and gender. You can adjust them or create new ones from scratch. It syncs up in real time via Bluetooth. Everything is stored physically on the memory of the watch, so the system can keep track of the progress. It grows up with the kids. Some features are unlocked based on the age, like new clock faces for instance.

And of course, it’s fun for the kids. But we kept the level of distraction low. It’s a tool, not a toy! No video games, no messaging system…

There is an optional gamification feature built into the system. If it is turned on, your kid will be able to unlock virtual rewards such as special badges based on their progress.


The sales pitch highlights that it is a tool not a toy, which is true, but what a way to make one.  Any 3 year old starting off with an Octopus Watch will think it is a toy.  One that makes them feel like mummy & daddy, yet continually teaches them a daily schedules, timings, responsibility and all without the power struggles that can often occur!




There is even an optional night stand charger for the watch, which doubles up as a night light in the early years of use.

Although the Octopus Watch is still on Pre-order, Joy were out in Las Vegas showing it off at CES this year and even picked up an Innovation award!

The Octopus watch is currently $69+shipping on Indiegogo, with shipments due to start in April.