Regrettably, I was late to the RIUT brand after it’s Kickstarter campaign in 2014, which saw over 1000 backers bring the first of their Backpacks to fruition.  RIUT which stands for “Revolution In User Thinking” lives up to the name, as owners of the packs are surveyed on the good and bad points, and the feedback helps shape the next release.

6 generations of Backpacks later and Sarah Giblin the creator and owner of RUIT put some teaser posts on Social media recently about an impending new addition to the range.

RiutBag Crush

Firstly, for those not familiar with Riut backpacks, they flip the conventional pack 180° and place all entry points against your back.  The aim was to provide a safe and secure backpack for daily city travel.  By removing all accessible compartments from potential pick pockets, the aim has been expertly achieved in the R10, R15 and R25 models.




Well, I’ll be the first to hold my hands up and admit I was not expecting the Crush!  What a great surprise.  The Crush takes the same design and safety features of the existing line up, but in a collapsible day sack that packs away into its own pocket!




Providing 10l of storage, it is the perfect size as a travel companion backpack when you are away on vacation, yet packs down to fit neatly into your luggage when not in use.  The pack is made from rip-stop nylon, so is incredibly light at 230g and should be adequately shower-proof should you get caught in a downpour.




All the perks of what defines the  Riut packs, in a stowable solution.  For years now, I have always taken a day sack with me for use when on vacation, not just my normal backpack I use as hand luggage, but a flat packed one in my checked case.  So I can relate with the design and purpose of the Crush!




You can pre-order the RiutBag Crush in Navy Blue or Black online, both at £39, with shipping due to begin on 30th May.  Just in time for your summer vacations!

** It is worth noting that at the time this was released the R10 and R15 models in Navy Blue were both on sale, for a limited period. Both with £20 off**

Editor Update: ** A Facebook Live session was held on the Crush and has since been posted on YouTube.  It provides a great insight into the design process and the pack itself.**