If I cover a product or brand on the site many times, then there is a very good chance it is because they are consistently releasing great items and/or content that needs to be shared.

I first stumbled upon iOgrapaher back in August, and since then I’ve made the most of their Podcasts, Facebook Live sessions and YouTube tutorials to get my own skills in media creation up to speed.



iOgrapher iPhone 7plus Case


As announced on their Twitter and Facebook pages, iOgrapher have now released a new case for all us iPhone 7 plus owners!




The big issue for iOgrapher when the 7plus got released was the dual lens at the rear of the handset.  The form of the 7plus was identical to the 6plus, so the handset could fit into the existing 6plus case, but the lens did not line up with the opening.  If like me you are impatient, you could modify the 6plus casing to allow for the additional lens, but this is not ideal for most and was more a fix for current iPhone 6plus case owners who may have upgrade to the iPhone 7plus.




The team at iOgrapher had continually stressed a new and improved case was in the works.  So what’s changed on the new release?


Left: iOgrapher iPhone 6+ case Right: iOgrapher iPhone 7+ case


As expected the new case comes with a larger slot (both length & width) to allow for the dual lenses.  The big surprise though, is how additional lenses can be added to the case.

The metal ring thread used to screw a lens to the case, clearly visible in the 6+ image above is now gone.  It has been replaced with a smooth surface around the larger opening.  Here a clip-on 35mm ring thread is attached, which, when added to the larger opening, gives the 7plus case a better chance to cover any new iPlus models from Apple, should the lens size or position move slightly.




In addition to the new lens attachment system, all the other features you would expect from iOgrapher make a welcome return:


  • New easy-in easy-out clip system to attach your device quickly
  • ¼ 20 bottom thread for simple tripod attachment
  • ¼ 20 thread on right to switch effortlessly to portrait mode
  • 37 mm lens clip to add iOgrapher lenses and get your best shot
  • 2 cold shoes on top to attach extra lights and microphones with ease
  • Patented handles system on both sides for extra stability and mobility




For a short demo & unboxing of the case iOgrapher have a video on their YouTube channel you can watch.

The case is $59 and available now from iOgrapher.