For anyone using a handset 2 or more years old, then the new Galaxy S8 from Samsung should be top of your list as a potential replacement for your current device.  That is, assuming you need a fully loaded flagship device on an Android OS.

Apple users will eagerly be awaiting the launch of the next iPhone which will also mark the 10th anniversary, before making their minds up.

The problem with todays smartphone market is the manufacturers update their top handsets every 12 months!  In this case owners of the Galaxy S7, released just last February, will now see their handsets downgraded to “old” as the S8 goes on sale.



Battle of the Galaxies: S7 v S8


The following comparison graphic was released by Samsung this week, to help current S7 owners decide if they want to upgrade or not.

The stand out features are the infinity display, biometrics security and a nearly sustained similar battery life despite the bigger more power hungry displays.

The S7 gave every other smartphone owner a little screen envy, thanks to the fantastic display on it the and Edge.  This has now been enhanced on the S8 range thanks to the removal of the bezel and curved edges on both handsets creating the Infinity Display!

Security is the big buzz word in every area of technology these days.  Samsung have added Iris and Facial recognition to the S8, along with the fingerprint scanner that was on the previous models.  Worryingly, there are reports surfacing that the facial recognition can be bypassed with just a photo!




Even if the changes between the two are not enough to get many S7 owners upgrading, the specs and stunning screens will surely give Samsung a much needed buyer boost after last years Note7 troubles.

The S8 range is sure to be a hit with consumers worldwide!  If you are interested in the design of the handsets, Samsung have published an interesting article on the thought and reason behind some of the big features.