Safety when travelling, be it for business or pleasure, is a concern, not only for the traveller, but often family and friends as well.

Sometimes saying “Make sure you have your phone with you” might make some feel like they have made sure the person is safe, but in reality, how easy is it to use your phone in some emergencies?

Revolar, might have the solution!

Revolar Instinct

Getting your phone out in the event of an emergency or when you feel unsafe is not the easiest or most practical thing to do!  Revolar have designed the Instinct to help overcome this problem and provide you with a discreet, easy to use panic alarm that does not raise suspicion and even gives you feedback!




The best way to think of the Instinct, is as a Bluetooth remote for your phone.  All of the technology, connectivity, messaging and GPS coordinates come from your handset not the device.  The Instinct gives you the power to control them without the need for drawing attention to the fact you might be signalling for help!




The Instinct unit is a programmable button/clicker that you can keep in your pocket or on yourself.   It connects to your smartphone and the custom built app by Low Energy Bluetooth, which preserves the battery power of your phone and will give you around 1 year of use from the device itself!

The Instinct work with both Android and iOS devices, with the free app already available in both stores (Android | iOS).

Once you have updated the app with your emergency contacts (up to 5) you can tailor your notifications and what happens when you click the device.




Most trackers that offer any sort of GPS mapping or location finding, tend to come with a monthly or annual charge.  Instinct uses your mobile phone to generate and share this data.  Therefore, when in your home country providing you have cell coverage so does your Instinct.  The same applies for when you are travelling abroad but you must have roaming enabled on your handset.

Instinct also gives the user some reassuring feedback when in use.  If, for example, the user double clicks to send an alert, the device will vibrate to notify them that this has been sent.  Once the contacts have opened the notification the users Instinct will vibrate again to inform them that their contacts are aware of the alert.




The contact/s do not need the app on their smartphones for the process to work.  When a user triggers an alert the contacts receive an email/text or both with a unique link and the custom message the user would have created.  Clicking the link opens up the various options such as to call the user or locate them on the map.

The GPS location is also live, not a static one.  Which means you can follow the user as they continue to move.




Along with all that, the Instinct has a few other functions which may be useful, including:

  • Step tracking/Pedometer
  • Find My Revolar (use the app to trigger a sound from your Instinct should you lose it)
  • Use the Instinct to make your Phone ring.


Through our research with survivors and law enforcement officials, we’ve found that in an emergency, there’s simply no time to take out your phone and dial — let alone answer a 911 operator’s questions. Pair that with the reality that most emergency call centers are designed to track landlines, not cell phones, and it’s clear that smartphones alone just don’t cut it for safety:

  • “Last year, about 12.4 million, or 63%, of California’s cellphone calls to 911 didn’t share location.” –USA Today
  • Location info sent to emergency operators “is not always specific enough for rescue personnel to deliver assistance to the caller quickly.” –FCC
  • “It is now easier than ever for victims to reach 911, but harder than ever for responders to reach them.” – David Shoar, Sheriff, St. John’s County, Florida

That’s why Instinct lets you activate GPS alerts in less than a second, so people you trust can send help to your real-time location, even if you’re on the move.

The Revolar Instinct is currently on Indiegogo and a single device is available for $59.  This will also come with free shipping (US only, $5 for international) a carry case and a battery.

For further information visit the Revolar YouTube Channel.