Weekly Round-Up: Milan, Italy


I worked in and around Italy for a number of years.  It was here I learned the importance of good coffee and great fresh food.  I spent 2 months in Milan, each morning I would come out of the Metro and walk past Duomo di Milano.  There are some buildings you can never grow tired of looking at!


Blog Request

If you’d like to be featured on the weekly round-up and the accompanying Instagram post please get in touch: tom@techfortravel.co.uk


On The Site This Week



With all these new Bluetooth speakers hitting the market, there will be no excuse not to have a great soundtrack for your travels this summer.  I recently covered the new Bose offering, and now Bang & Olufsen PLAY have launched the P2….. Read More.





As the common backpack evolves, so do the features we come to expect from them.  With more designs becoming smart and secure, travellers are now spoilt for choice….. Read More.





Step forward the Kudrone! A compact drone packing some impressive specs usually reserved for the more professional units.  So if you have longed for the holiday footage usually only provided by drone use, then this could be the answer!….. Read More.




As a British person who enjoys travelling there is one thing that always shames me; the lack of languages I speak.  I’m sure it is a cultural thing, but it still bothers me and for this reason alone, I watch the booming digital translator market with eagerness….. Read More.




This next gadget could change the face of travel forever!  At the very least it is going to make travelling through airports a much more enjoyable experience for so many different reasons….. Read More.




Blogger Request:

Once a month I like to run an article from a guest blogger who will share their top 5 items for travel (more if you wish).  Within the 5 needs to be at least 1 gadget, 1 app and 1 item of luggage along with a short intro on you and the type of traveller you are.  I will then publish the post on my site and Social media outlets.  All of which will link back to you and your profile/s, this is not a paid assignment, but a opportunity to share your view on tech and raise the profile of your own site.

 If you are interested please get in touch using the comments or email tom@techfortravel.co.uk.



3 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up: Milan, Italy

  1. I love the weekly roundup, its a great idea. I also like the guest post opportunities. I’ve been wanting to do something like that. Love visiting your blog!

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