A little over a year ago I reviewed the brilliant Stay.Com App, which I discovered, mostly by chance during a trip to the US.

Sadly, today, the team announced the App will be closed down!


Stay………. & Go

The App was the foundation for what became a crowd sourced database of hints, tips and advice for travellers visiting over 150 cities.


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Its appeal to travellers who used it, was the ability to highlight those little known secrets, in some of the major cities around the world, that could be missed even by the most seasoned of traveller.

The full press release reads:


Hi {Tech} for Travel,

It is with a heavy heart that we are informing you that Stay.comwill close down on 5th of June.

Creating Stay.com has been an adventure, and we’re happy you were part of it. Our community of travelers created some amazing city guides, and we hope we contributed to making your travels even more interesting.

At the end of the month, your travel guides will no longer be available. Guides you would like to keep and use, can be downloaded from this page:


Thanks for the support!

All the best,
the Stay.com team


As you can see a custom link was provided to me, letting me download the bespoke map guides I had built myself within the app.  If you are already a user of the app, you would have received a similar email by now with your registered address containing your custom link.

Given the turn off date is next week I would highly recommend downloading the free app and building up a city guide or two if you have some upcoming travels.  I am struggling to locate the app on iTunes, but the Android version is still accessible.

If you have any questions you can reach the team via Twitter, but for now I wish the team all the best and hope they come back with something new for us.  Stay.com really was a useful and very user-friendly service.