The school holidays are about to start and families all across Europe will be heading away on their summer vacations.  If you are taking a camping break this year why not upgrade from the usual ground sheet or air bed to this new solution from Disc-O-Bed?



Thanks to some clever design and engineering, the Kid-O-Bunk is a 3-in-1 portable, flat pack Bunk bed, sofa and pair of single cots for kids!


How it Works

The secret to the Kid-O-Bunk is the patented disc locking system, that are clearly visible in the image above.  The system removes the need for any tools and enables you to construct any of the 3 options in just a matter of minutes by hand, and with minimal effort.

  1. Lock in the discs to the end of each long side rails.
  2. Feed each rail into the Sleeve edging, locking together in the centre.
  3. Push the discs down into each end bed frame.


Repeat the process, and you will have 2 single beds suitable for children up to the age of 12.  If space is an issue, or the kids prefer the bunk mode then attach the stack adapters (Leg extensions, provided) to the top bunk and lower it down on to the other.  The adapters will lock straight into the disc.  There are also fastening straps at either end to provide further stability and peace of mind.



The beds differ slightly in just one way, the legs.  The one designed to be the lower bunk has rounded end bars.  This provides a better weight distribution on softer ground when in the Bunk mode and being used outdoors.  The upper bunk, or other bed, has straight legs, making it easy to attach the extensions when setting up the Bunk mode.


Each Kid-O-Bunk comes with 2 single beds, both with their own side organisers, carry bags and locking straps.  Although they are ideal for camping or sleep overs, there is a possibility of taking them on further travels or flights!

To protect the frame I’d rather pack each bunk inside of a checked case, but with each one weighting in at around 8kg, you will need to pack light!

  • Bunk Weight: 36.5lbs (16.5kg)
  • Weight tolerance: 200lbs (91kg) – per single cot
  • Outer dimensions: 65” (164cm) L x 32.5” (82.5cm) W x 32” (82cm) H
  • Sleep area: 62” (156.5cm) L x 28” (70cm) W
  • Height of Bottom Cot: 9.5” (24cm)
  • Height of Top Cot: 28” (71cm)
  • Bunk frame: Silver, powder coated, anti-rust steel frame
  • Sleeping deck: 600D polyester fabric, with eco-friendly PU coating
Kid-O-Bunk Advert

The Kid-O-Bunk is $289 direct from Disc-O-Bed in the US & Canada.  For UK and Europe the Bunk is available in Blue or Lime Green on Amazon for £249.