My biggest bugbear of international travel is having the correct power adapter or worse still, arriving in a country to discover you have brought the wrong one and know you have at least 3 of the correct version at home!

Things have improved slightly with the move to more devices being USB, but few locations have updated their wall sockets to provide for direct compatibility, so the need for a quality travel adapter remain.  Fortunately, Zendure have picked up this challenge!




Passport – Global Travel Adapter

Zendure are no stranger to power solutions and most will be familiar with their unique looking Portable Power Packs.  Their latest device is a travel adapter that has you covered in every corner of the globe.





Packed into this 2.5×2.8×2.2″ cube is the answer to all your power woes! With support for over 150 countries, the Passport will keep you powered pretty much anywhere.  The four ‘Press and Slide, sliders enable the adapter to plug into type A, B, C, D, E, F, G, I, J, K, L, N and O outlets.




The rear of the Passport can accept type A, B, C, E, F, G, I, J, K, L and N plugs enabling you to convert your standard plug into any of the options above.  On the underside you will find an additional 4 x 5A/25w USB ports, which are more powerful than most on the market, providing a quicker USB charge!  Overall the Passport can provide 5 simultaneous charging points.




The two big selling points for the Passport though, are safety and the auto-resetting fuse.

The adapter is baby-proof so a child cannot insert a single metal object into the socket.  The shield, which covers the openings, will only disengage when a two or three prong plug is pressed into it.

Zendure are keen to highlight the main feature though, the self resetting fuse, which was originally designed and used in space travel (a feature I hope to one day cover on this site!!).


The biggest difference between Passport and other international travel adapters already on the market is the patent-pending auto-resetting fuse. Traditional travel adapters use old-fashioned replaceable fuses to prevent an overload, which leads to quite a number of issues. The fuses are easily blown, lost or broken, and they are hard to find when you need to buy one. Passport’s use of auto-resetting technology allows the device to recover from an overload on its own within just one minute, making it electronically unbreakable, and the most resilient travel adapter ever.




Although a blown fuse is something I have never experienced with an adapter, I do feel I am in the minority due to my severe lack of remembering to pack a travel adapter for nearly every trip I go on!  Even if I remember, it is often the wrong one, but with a Passport just kept in my carry-on case, I will always be covered.



The Zendure Passport is currently on Kickstarter, and only has 9 Days left before the end of its campaign.

If you move fast you can pick up one of the remaining 200 units at $35.  The next level after that is $39, both of which are a great deal for the last Travel Adapter you will ever need!