There is so much goodness in that title, you know the following can only be interesting news!

First Incase, who I have written about previously ,  and make some of the most desirable protection for mobile Apple products, along with some great luggage.

Then Ōlloclip, who create lens sets for iOS devices, enhancing the onboard cameras to improve your photography, and will feature in my upcoming ‘Top Tip’ Mobile Camera upgrades.



Limited Edition Filmer’s Kit – Ōlloclip | Incase for Apple iPhone 7/7+

This Limited edition collaboration has resulted in a custom selection of Ōlloclip hardware packaged in a purpose-built Incase Carry case.  All designed to help any iPhone 7/7 Plus owner master their digital content!




The kit consists of:

  • Ōlloclip Core Lens Set (1x Fisheye, 1x Super Wide, 1x Macro)
  • Ōlloclip Active Lens Set (1x Telephoto, 1x Ultra Wide)
  • Ōlloclip Pivot Grip
  • Incase Carry Case

With the exception of maybe a Tripod (being fussy!) this really is a great selection, to help even the most amateur of photo and videographers improve and enhance their content.


A rig made up of five different lenses and a video grip once took a backpack or rolling case to carry, but today it all fits in an ultra-portable case taking up a fraction of the space. With premium lenses offering five unique fields of view, users are now equipped to shoot farther, wider and closer than ever before possible with iPhone’s built-in front and rear cameras.

Although it is the lens that really make a difference to the images, the key inclusion for me, is the Pivot Grip.  Most people, myself included, usually just hold our smartphone when recording video, adding a device such as the Pivot Grip makes a huge difference to the quality of your videos.  More so when you are capturing sports or fast moving events that you have to follow yourself!



Lens Sets

The Filmer’s Kit has 5 lenses all bringing their own unique features, designed to work seamlessly with the new 12MP camera on the iPhone 7 and the Wide Angle, telephoto 12MP camera on the 7 Plus.




The Fish Eye lens gives a visual distortion by using an ultra wide angle lens, resulting in a spherical image, pulling in the either side of the image instead of the flat result with normal wide angle pictures.




If you are sightseeing and want to get closer, the Telephoto lens with 2x Optical Zoom and a shallow depth of field will deliver great results when shooting from far away.  The iPhone does have zoom capabilities but zooming in to far with a steady mount picks up every slight hand movement.  The telephoto lens helps avoid that.




If you were to purchase each item separately, the bundle will cost you $267 – Core Lens Set ($99), Active Lens Set ($119), Pivot Grip ($49), Custom Case (Not for sale).

The Filmer’s Kit is on sale in Apple stores only worldwide for $199 but move fast, there are only 2000 of them being sold!