The problem with BioLite for me is…. Every time they launch a new product or package, I want to cancel my plans, grab some camping gear, purchase one of everything from their store and just get outside for a month or 3! Living with the support of their products in the outdoors without compromising on those home comforts!


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BLXL Solar Kit

The following does not contain any new devices, but a selection of 4 items from the current range; one of which is a top end model, and another a mid range.  All, when purchased as the Kit , will save you £££ and make your campsite the envy of others!




What’s Included

At the heart of this off-grid ecosystem is the Base Lantern XL.   A 500 Lumen, edge to edge lighting and flat pack designed Lantern providing an expansive light to your immediate area, but there is more.  The XL is more like a hub!

It connects to your smartphone via Low Energy Bluetooth giving you control, not only of the hub, but additional lighting attached to it, such as the SightLight Mini which is also included.  The XL version of the Base Lantern has a 12,000mAh battery pack, which will not only see you through the night, but charge your devices at the same time thanks to the 2 x USB ports.




Using the App (Android | iOS) gives you total control of the lantern such as:

  • Turn On/Off
  • Dim Light as required
  • Adjust the warmth of the White Light LEDs
  • Change the light colour completely through a full spectrum of choices
  • Charging status of Devices attached to the Lantern
  • Battery Life remaining of the Lantern

By far the best inclusion of the app is the Proximity Trigger.  If you have been out for a walk and returning to your site in darkness.  The Lantern will connect with your smartphone when it gets to within 30-60ft and turn itself on, guiding you back to your camp!

For the Lantern XL to work it still needs a power supply once you have depleted that first charge after leaving home, this is where the SolarPanel 5+ comes in.  BioLite have included their mid tier solar charging option with this kit, and it will not disappoint!




The Monocrystalline cells can provide 5 watts of power in direct sunlight, or fully charge your phone in around 2-3 hours.  A sundial in the top left helps you adjust the panel to gain optimal sunlight charge.  The 5+ even has a 2,200mAh battery pack which will charge itself up and provide another power source for your devices during the night.




The final item (excluding the free dry bag) is the SiteLight Mini.  A string of 4 mini 150 lumen lights along a 10ft cord.  These mini lights can work in several different ways.

Hooked up to the Lantern XL they can replicate the requests sent to the XL from the app, with the exception of the colour changes.  If you want them to just be on and not replicate the action of the Lantern this is also achievable from within the app.  Otherwise attach them to a USB power source to light up your camp, path way or guide ropes.


BioLite Off-Grid Full Lighting System Video


Each of the individual items brought separately will cost:

  • Base Lantern XL £123
  • SolarPanel 5+ £80
  • SiteLight Mini £18
  • Drybag £Free

The BLXL Solar Kit is £201 direct from BioLite, that is £20 cheaper than the individual prices.