After my recent preview on how to power your campsite, it is only fitting that I help you find the Ultimate Tent to fill it!

Long gone are the days of single or interconnecting poles, even the more modern air frame systems can be an effort to assemble; so step forward the Pop-Up!




Cinch Tents

Cinch claim to have made the “Ultimate” range of Pop-Up tents on the market today.  With 2,3 and 4 person models all utilising the same superflex fiberglass internal pole system, each Cinch is the largest in its class!




We say CINCH! is the ultimate pop-up tent – and it’s a claim we don’t make lightly. Years of testing, refinements and customer feedback have shaped the product we have today; and we will never stop making it better. We produced CINCH! in small runs until 2014, when we launched our first Kickstarter campaign. In 2016, we returned to Kickstarter with our latest model and raised 12x our target thanks to our incredible backers – becoming one of its top 0.5% highest-funded projects. We continued funding on Indiegogo, and are now taking orders directly through our website.



What I like about the Cinch is that I keep noticing little touches or additions then remember that nearly all of it is standard and built into a single piece Pop-Up tent.  The real test of a Pop-Up is not the time it saves you when setting up but how simple it is to take down.  Early to market Pop-Up tents were a nightmare when trying to fold them down and put back into the storage bags.  Cinch has an online tutorial to get you started and have you packing it away in no time.

Once the Cinch is opened up you will fasten the tent down with the light reflective guylines, and each corner with one of the 6 LED tent pegs. It is that easy.




In and around the Cinch you will find some great design features such as:

  • Well placed ventilation areas
  • Storage pockets lined on the inner wall
  • A fully waterproof outer shell
  • Extra-thick bathtub-style groundsheet
  • Double layered Door to window openings
  • Side Window
  • 2 x LED Lantern/torch




The most important inclusion for me is the velcro and loop attachments on the top.  These are here to enable you to attach the (optional extra) solar panel system and lock it into place.  An extra long cable comes with the system so it can run down into the tent and charge/power a 13,00mAh battery pack.




The Solar panels come in a foldable form for easy storage and generate 7 watts – with the battery pack designed to be a portable option, rather than a larger stationary one, left in the tent to power everything, it should not be to longer before fully charged in good sunlight.

Other optional extras include an extended canopy, which increase the overall space by 75%, and just makes the Cinch look even better!  A Blackout canopy which regulate the light and heat and an additional ground sheet for extra protection to the base of your Cinch.


Cinch Launch Video

Unsurprisingly, the Cinch is currently sold out worldwide!! You can register your interest on the site to be kept up to date with new stock availability.


With the exception of maybe hay fever sufferers, there really is no reason to go and explore the great outdoors!