Four months on from the highly successful release of the S8 & S8+,  and nearly a year on from the ill-fated Note7 handset, Samsung Mobile have set a date for their next reveal!




Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Probably?

Although not confirmed by Samsung as yet, everything we do know suggests they are preparing to release the Note 8!  So If you are due an upgrade or a renewal, I’d suggest holding off until 23rd August to see what they have to offer.

It is worth pointing out that although the Note 7 will only be remembered for its battery faults and global recall, the handset itself, was brilliant.  At the time, I was ready for a new handset and was firmly focused on the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 launch, but on experiencing the Note7, I was won over.

Sadly it was not to be,  and Apple stepped up its camera offering on the 7Plus.




So with the S8, arguably being the best handset release of 2017, so far, what can we expect from the Note 8?

Well, the priority will be safety.  Even a company the size of Samsung cannot take another PR disaster after last year.  This needs to be a well run launch and a device that will eclipse the Note 7 and current S8+, technology wise.

Displays, are something that stand Samsung handsets out from the rest of the market, and the S8 gave us the infinity display. A bezel-less, curved edged, QUAD HD+ screen with a virtual home button, that is simply stunning to use.  With the Note range being in the so-called “Phablet” size of handsets (somewhere between a large smartphone and small tablet) an Infinity Display will really seem just that!

There are little to no strong leaks ahead of the event, with just rumours being passed around or being made up online.  I would expect a return and/or enhanced S Pen and possibly an upgrade to the main camera to compete with the Wide-angle Telephoto option on the iPhone.


Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 15.00.54.png


Check back on the site during the 23rd August as I review the event, follow on Twitter for updates or watch the livestream from Park Avenue Armory, New York City at 11am (EST)