So after a short round of hype from Apple, and a little more from the king of social media, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson we now have a 3 minute 46 second movie/advert for Siri!


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As great, as the movie is, it also serves of a reminder on how powerful our current smartphones are and how most of us might just be ignoring one of their devices greatest assets!


Voice Assistants

Firstly, the movie…


The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day


Although this ad is for Apple, and does a brilliant job of demonstrating just how useful Siri is on iOS, it is worth reminding ourselves most of us have this power in our own phones.

I know no one will look as cool and comfortable instructing their phone to read out their schedule as Dwayne Johnson does, but as the travel season is upon us these assistants could be worth remembering!

Regardless of whether you run an Amazon (Alexa), Android (Google Assistant), Apple (Siri) or Microsoft (Cortana) device most major handsets and tablets have them installed.  Don’t be put of by early day voice controlled apps, this is 2017 and these all run and return results much better than you would expect.

I should point out that all of these do need a data connection to work fully!  So if you are abroad, remember your contract charges and limits for data usage, or have a read of my work around!

For example, if you get lost in a new city or out on a country walk, providing you know the name and address of your hotel, the VA will get you back.  Just ask for directions to the hotel and the VA can locate your GPS, then open your map app, and it will search for directions.  Even providing you with local alternatives such as bus, train, cycle and driving routes.

Another use is to help locate places of interest nearby.  All VAs can now identify popular locations wherever you are in the world, some can even find restaurants based on just the type of food you wish to eat!  Unsure of how much entry to a museum is? Just ask!

If you’re undecided on staying by the pool or to  head to the beach, ask your VA for the day’s weather report, you can even break it down by the hour!  Unsure on the currency conversion? Not a problem.  Need a translator? Easy.  Can’t find a taxi late at night? Let it call and Uber for you.

Give it a try before you go away and you will be pleasantly surprised at just how useful they can be!

Do you use the VA on your handset? If so, can you share any tips or commands in the comments section for others?