Everyone has a different tactic or method for entertaining their children once airside at the airport.  With queues and wait times increasing it is understandable for many kids to become restless, but this summer London Heathrow has launched a free Augmented Reality (AR) App that the whole family can play up until boarding.




Around the World with Mr. Adventure

Having joined up with kids favorite Mr. Men/Little Miss brand, this App is a virtual treasure hunt through the Terminals (airside) with a nice surprise at the end!




How to Play

Ahead of your trip to Heathrow visit your App store to download either the Android or iOS version of the app.  There is no sign up or personal information needed, but on the first time you open the app it will request access to your rear camera.  You must grant permission or the app will not work.




After you have accepted the app will give you a warning to remain aware of your surroundings.  If you have never played an AR game on a mobile device before, they often involve you walking around whilst looking where you are going via the camera and screen on your phone.  Although, this game only requires that view once you have found a location, there is not too much need for the warning but, safety first!!




Aim of the game is to locate 5 limited edition badges that have been hidden around your terminal by Little Miss Explorer.  Your job is to help Mr. Adventure find them.  You can use the app to scan a map of each terminal when at the airport, or be a smart parent and download the required map before you leave!



Once you are airside at your terminal start-up the app and follow it through to the ‘camera’ screen.  Press the button and the app opens up the rear camera.  Head to each point on your map and look for 1 of 5 large badges.

When you find them and hold your phone up to them the AR engine will show you the characters.  The kids can even get in and have their photos taken with them!




The real treat is at the end.  Ideally you will have found all five, but it is not a problem if you have fewer.  Head over to one of the information desks or one of the Heathrow Staff (dressed in Purple), show them your app with the badges you have found, and they will give you a real iron on versions to keep!




You can read more about the app on the Heathrow Website.  This is a great incentive by the airport, and am sure there will be plenty of parents, and kids, enjoying it this summer!

Nicely played Heathrow!