Did you know….

There are 1 Million cases of skin cancer per year in the US alone, but sunscreen can significantly reduce your chances of getting cancer. Unfortunately, most people only apply 25% to 50% of the sunscreen they should.

There is probably more awareness today than there has ever been around the effects the sun can have on our skin.  The range of sun cream products seems to get bigger every summer, and even after applying it most still suffer sunburn at some point!




This device from Voxelight, takes just a few seconds to use and will instantly let you know if you or someone is sufficiently covered in sun cream before heading out into the sun!



What is it?

In essence, a camera! But not one you will be recording your holiday on or capturing images for Instagram.  The viewfinder does what the naked eye cannot, see and distinguish UV light from the normal colourful world most of us are used to seeing every day.  Therefore when viewing someone through the viewfinder it becomes easy to see what parts of the skin are correctly covered in cream and which are exposed!




Although a perfectly small and a simple device, the Sunscreenr does have a good list of features.

The unit is IP67 rated, so that means it is waterproof, or can be submerged in 3ft of water for around half an hour.  This also makes the sealed unit safe from dust or sand particles, but still treat it with care as you would any device with a lens.

Source: Sunscreenr


Fear not if you are on your own, as you can still use it by yourself.  On the rear of the camera is three rubberized buttons.  The on/off switch and a Record and Play.  Simply press record, then turn the camera on yourself and move around your body, it can capture up to 30 seconds.  Push playback, and watch via the viewfinder to see if you have missed those hard to reach places.

The internal battery will last a few days, depending on usage, but with USB charging, you can put it on charge each night with your other devices and be good to go every morning.



There is even a tripod mount, although I think this is more a ‘nice to have’ rather than something most would use!



The Sunscreenr comes in five colours; Red, Blue, Yellow, Green & Purple, all of which share the same specifications.


  • Size – (w)84.6 x (h)38.1 x (d)38.1 mm
  • Weight – 85g
  • Water/Dust Proof – IP67 rating
  • Power – Internal, rechargable battery
  • Capture – Video up to 30 seconds



Sadly, the shipping date for the Sunscreenr has slipped slightly and the device is only due for deliveries in ‘Fall 2017’ but that should not deter you from a purchase.

It is not just for the beach or summer holidays.  Winter or even weekend sports and any outdoor activity in fair to good weather, you should consider sun protection and the Sunscreenr will always make sure you are covered!

The device is $119 direct from Sunscreenr for Pre-order.  Alternatively visit their Indiegogo page for some bundled special offers.