Still, the Bluetooth Tracker Market is awash with choices and different options for consumers.  With devices coming in all shapes, sizes and now, similarly performing apps, how should one choose which device or brand to go for?

Tile, are arguably one of, if not, the top brands in this space, and have featured regularly on the site.  They have just launched a new Series, and it has had more than just a cosmetic tweak!



Tile Pro Series

The range comprises of two new tiles; Sport and Style.  Immediately, the difference between these and the current offerings ,the Mate and Slim models, is obvious but don’t be fooled into thinking they have just dressed up their current technology!  As nice as the new series looks on the outside, the bigger difference is on the inside.



New Looks

Moving away from the plain white tile we are used too, there are now two new looks to choose from.

The Sport, is the slightly bigger of the two, is finished in Dark slate and graphite and aimed at those who need a tracker better suited to the outdoors.  The design is meant to be more rugged and robust than the other offerings, and as such, is slightly larger in its dimensions.

At the other end of the design spectrum is the Style.  Not as big as the Sport, but not as small as the Mate, this Champagne and Satin White tracker is meant to be kept on show.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say these are ‘His and Hers’ trackers, but the Style does lean more towards female users, where as the sport is a decent unisex design!  It would come down to taste of the buyer, but the fact Tile are giving us these choices is perfect!



Power Upgrade

Once past the new designer outer, both the Sport and Style, are the same on the inside, with improved specifications on the original Mate.

The biggest improvement is the range in which your smartphone and Pro Series Tracker can communicate with one another.  The Mate can handle distances of up to 100ft before Bluetooth connection is lost and you need to rely on the App.  The Pro Series has doubled that distance and can manage up to 200ft!  That is a huge improvement!

When you lose an item attached to a Tile you can activate it to make a sound to help you locate your item.  The Pro Series is twice as loud than previous models, making it easier to locate lost belongings.



Finally, thanks in part, to the new outer casings, the Pro Series has a higher Water Resistance rating.  The original model had an IP57 rating suggesting the device could be submerged in water no deeper than 1m for around 30 minutes.  Both the Sport and Style have an IP68 rating which means they will last in depths up to 1.5m for about 1 hour.


As above, it is only the new look casings that divide these great trackers and giving them slightly differing dimensions.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 13.52.25

My only ask of Tile, and still probably the only weakness in their offering, is the ability to recharge or replace the battery.  Sadly, none of their devices currently allow this so you are limited to a lifespan of roughly a year before you need to replace your device.

On the plus side they run a scheme called reTile which enables you to swap your old device for a new one at a good discount.  The current rate is 40% off a new unit!


Both devices are £30 for a single or £50 for a twin pack, direct from the Tile Web store.  This will include a £5 shipping fee.


For UK and EU readers another option is Amazon, where you have three purchasing options!

There are no shipping fees for these orders but delivery times are currently 7-10 days.  So a quicker delivery for a fee or a longer delivery and save some money?

Either way, if it is valuable, then Tile it!!