IFA 2017 showcases some of the best consumer technology on the market, and is used by many major brands as a platform for new product launches.  The event in Berlin begins with 2 days of media and keynote speeches before opening its doors to trade and general public visitors.  As the event unfolds I will bring you news of any travel related Tech.



Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

August has been a very busy month for Samsung! To start, the return of the Note brand and then, not one but three new products released at IFA.  Firstly, an upgrade to the Gear Fit2 sports tracker; now known as the Gear Fit2 Pro.



The new Pro retains the Fit2s curved Super AMOLED touchscreen, which personally, I consider to be one of the best looking wearable displays on the market.  It really does stand out and is easy to read and operate during a workout.

The features that elevate this new offering to Pro status over the original are the improved GPS, heart monitor and improved water resistance!



Swimmers will be glad to learn the Fit2 Pro is now water-resistant to 5 Atm which means the tracker can monitor everything from a gentle swim in the pool, to the open seas and even some light diving.  The 5 Atm accreditation suggests it should continue to function at depths of around 50m!  There is also a bespoke Speedo app designed especially for the Fit2 Pro to help you track your swims.

The small print does state that Samsung does not recommend the Fit2 Pro be worn during scuba diving or high velocity water sports, such as jet/water skiing.



For those of us who take their exercise a little more seriously a good heart rate tracker is vital on an activity wearable.  Samsung have improved on the Fit2 with the Pro now able to provide a continuous heart rate reading by capturing your pulse once every second!

Runners, hikers and outdoor explorers will be pleased to hear the Fit2 Pro will feature an advanced built-in GPS for more accurate tracking of your routes, elevations and speed.



There is 4GB of on-board storage for your music and/or Apps from a selection of over 3,000 available for download on the Galaxy App Store.




The Gear Fit2 Pro will begin shipping on 14th September and can be Preordered from now at £209 direct at Samsung.