IFA 2017 showcases some of the best consumer technology on the market, and is used by many major brands as a platform for new product launches.  The event in Berlin begins with 2 days of media and keynote speeches before opening its doors to trade and general public visitors.  As the event unfolds I will bring you news of any travel related Tech.



Sandisk Ultra 400GB

I can remember the joy of receiving my first storage device, a 64MB USB thumb drive back in 2002.  Yes that does read MB!  Fortunately times have moved on and storage sizes have increased while the physical size of the device has shrunk.


Sandisk, have looked at the current largest MicroSD card on the market, the Samsung 256GB, and increased it to a whooping 400GB!

If any of your devices take MicroSD and claim they can support up to 2TB, Sandisk have moved you a step closer to storage utopia.  Although, how sick you would feel losing 400GB of data should you mislay your phone, would be unmeasurable!

The card itself has more than just size to its arsenal.  With 100MB/s transfer speeds, or 1200 photos per min, it will not slow you down, and with the A1 app rating it will be a great addition to your Android devices.

The 400GB MicroSD card is £224/$249.


ACER Switch7 Black Edition

If the name sounds a bit dramatic for a tablet, wait until you see the specification for this business end device.  Tablet devices are becoming more common for business travellers as the only device they take with them.  Apple and Microsoft have both released high-end units in the iPad Pro and MS Surface, now Acer has entered the arena.


This Windows 10 tablet or 2in1 device, depending on your view, is a stunning looking device with some clever tech on the inside.

Rather than being fan cooled, the Switch 7 Black Edition has Dual LiqudLoop™ cooling.  Two loops, each covering a half of the tablet each, helps to ensure high performance from the 8th Gen i7 processor without overheating or a loud output from a fan.  The built-in kickstand enables you to use it like a laptop, adjusting the angle of the screen to suit, something lacking from the Apple offering!

The ACER Switch 7 Black Edition is expected to be over £1500 when it goes on sale, later this year.


Garmin VivoActive 3

The line between Fitness tracker and Smartwatches is a thin one, and is constantly being blurred, which is great for consumers who want something of everything on their wearable devices.  On this occasion Garmin are moving from the fitness side over to a Smartwatch.


Coming in a choice of 3 styles the Vivoactive 3 boasts up to 7 days of battery life and is the first Garmin wearable to incorporate Garmin Pay, a cashless payment system such as Apple and Android Pay.

You can tailor the device to suit your own needs and tastes by downloading apps from the Connect IQ store, and monitor you performance with more than 15 bespoke built-in sports apps.

If you are not overly active, you can still monitor your heart rate, daily fitness achievements and stress levels with Elevate the Garmin heart rate technology.

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 will start from £279 when it goes on sale at some point during the 4 quarter of this year.