The hype and rumours for the new iPhone, which was to mark the 10th anniversary of the device, began about a week after the 7 range was released last year.  So when Apple confirmed 12th September for the launch expectation reached fever pitch, but did the new offerings deliver as we were treated to not one, but three new handsets?




Apple iPhone X

This is it.  This is the big one.  The smartphone analysts, Apple and tech fans have been gossiping over for the last 12 months.  On its 10th Anniversary, the expectations for a new groundbreaking iPhone were high!

There is no denying what we got is a work of art, a thing of beauty and a handset that will no doubt have shipping delays in the coming months; but in reality, it has given Apple a device on par with other high end smartphones, and possibly, made the demand for the iPhone 8 announced moments earlier, drop!



On reflection what I, and clearly many others, were hoping for, was a new era of Smartphone from Apple.  10 years ago, Apple were credited with creating the ‘Smartphone’ and now a decade later the world was ready for the next chapter!

Instead we see Apple incorporating many, of the now expected features, from its competitors into their new Flagship unit…. and even then they do not exceed on these features!!



The biggest change from the current iPhone range is the new, Full Front Display.  With the X you get a 5.8″ display, that’s bigger the Plus models, in a shell just a few mm bigger than the normal models.  This is achieved by removing the familiar home button, and going edge to edge with the new Super Retina HD OLED Screen, but there is still a bezel!!  It cannot be edge to edge if you still have a border?  Then, there is the now infamous Apple Notch!  That big chunk of missing pixels at the top of the handset.



Although the notch will be debated, it is there for a good reason.

It houses Apples most advanced forward facing camera.  With TrueDepth technology, the 7MP camera brings Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting to up your “Selfie” game.  The lens works with sensors next to it, allowing for Apples new Security feature – Face ID.  Current iPhone users will most likely be used to the Touch ID technology built into the home button, used to unlock your device or activate Apple Pay.  Now the home button has gone, Face ID is here to replace it.

Then there is another feature this camera/sensor partnership gives, but I’m not sure who asked for it. Animoji. Yes, now you can take all those 😀 😊 😁 and bring them to life!



Other new features on the X had already been announced for the 8 Series.  Even the main, rear, cameras are identical on both models, although the X has swiveled the rear slot to vertical from horizontal.

The new A11 Bionic Chip, earlier named in the 8 is the same powering the X, and thanks to the all Glass body shell, Wireless Charging is again possible.



This should not be read as a negative preview on the iPhone X.  Far from it.  Disappointed that Apple did not break the mould of 2017 Smartphones, Yes; but the X is a great looking device that is up there with the Samsung, Google and Essential offerings today.


Sit Down Before You Read On!

Now for the part most, outside of North America will find hard to contemplate.  The price.  The Apple iPhone X comes in a choice of Space Grey or Silver and storage sizes of 64GB or 256GB.

The 64GB will be £999/€999 and the 256GB £1149/€1149!!  I wonder it the Animoji Technology could have picked up my facial expressions when they announced these prices!

As with all things Apple though, this will not stop sales of a strikingly beautiful device, with preorders due to open soon.  Keep an eye on for updates.