I first wrote about BioLite, and their 1st Gen CampStove, just over a year ago.  Since then they are getting more and more publicity, and rightly so.  I previewed their last new offering, the BLXL Solar Kit in July, and opened with the comment –

The problem with BioLite for me is…. Every time they launch a new product or package, I want to cancel my plans, grab some camping gear, purchase one of everything from their store and just get outside for a month or 3!

This statement has now been confirmed with their latest product!



BioLite FirePit

As Autumn/Fall starts for some of us, camping or hiking begins to get a little cooler, so what better way to keep warm, cook your food and power your gadgets all at the same time, than with the new FirePit!



Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a fancy looking but, still, archaic fire pit no no no no.  This is a tech packed, smart FirePit!

BioLite Technology

The beauty of BioLite burners is they are not dependant on gas canisters, just wood! A sustainable and easily sourced fuel.  But the age-old problem with wood burners is smoke.

As with their CampStoves, BioLite have built the FirePit with their Air Injection System – a series of 51 airjets within the frame that circulate air around the chamber.  This gives a more even and better burn of the wood, resulting in the need for less wood for a bigger fire and most importantly, an almost smoke free fire!



The Air Injection System is powered by a fan, in the now synonymous, yellow BioLite Power Pack.  The included battery can give up to 24 hours of power to the fan, and can detach from the FirePit for easy charging of the unit itself, or even to charge your other tech!

Rather than launch the FirePit direct for sale, BioLite have gone with a Kickstarter campaign which means ‘Exclusives’!  With the FirePit will come a Free Solar Cover when purchased on Kickstarter.  A carry-bag for the FirePit with a solar panel on the top, which will charge the battery pack when not in use!  Afer the campaign the same carry bag will retail at $60!




Before I move on to the tech goodness of the FirePit there are two design features that really deserve a mention.

Firstly, the X-Ray mesh that surrounds the chamber.  When the fire is on the go, you can see straight through and witness the full power of your fire, and looks great as the sun goes down.

Then there is the cooking capabilities.  The FirePit has a dual fuel system which allows for coal to be used for cooking.  Add the included grate top, and your FirePit is now a grill!



As with all BioLite units, that yellow pack attached to the side houses the Tech.  Inside you will find a 10,400 mAh battery pack.  It’s primary purpose is to power the Air Injection System from a low setting, through 4 different levels up to Max, the stronger the airflow the bigger and hotter your fire.

But this is 2017, no one should have to throw more wood on the fire for more heat!! With BioLite, just install the free app ( Android | iOS ) and do it all from your smartphone.  Otherwise you can use the control panel.  The 2 amp USB slot will charge any USB device at steady pace when not powering the fan, maybe best left overnight and let the solar cover charge it during the day!




Sadly, the FirePit will not be with us for this Autumn, but it is worth acting now to ensure you are covered for next year.  The BioLite FirePit is currently $199 as part of the second wave of units sold on Kickstarter.

BioLite really have taken one of mans earliest discoveries and upgraded it for 2017 – A smartphone enabled camp fire!