When travelling there are two instances that really spring to mind where you might need the maximum capacity of storage, in the smallest possible form factor; with your kids or when you’re backpacking.

The original GoBag took the compression function from dry bags and wrapped it up in a duffel come backpack.  Now they are back with an improved design and build, with a more rucksack focused offering!


GoBag 2

The ethos of GoBag is “Pack Small, Think Big” and it is clear to see this in their latest offering.  A carry-on sized bag, with the storage of a rucksack and the functionality of a backpack!  That is not an easy goal to achieve.




At the heart of the GoBag 2 is a removable Max Pack dry bag made from TPU coated nylon.  This dry bag acts as a compression chamber within the rucksack enabling you to pack twice the amount into the space provided.



You can compress the bag by hand, or a vacuum, using the valve at the base of the dry bag.  Usually with compression bags, your clothes tend to end up creased when you come to unpacking them, but for the sake of getting twice the amount in –  It’s worth the hassle!



The most appealing aspect of the GoBag 2 for me are the options on how you can open and access your kit.

For the initial pack you can fully open the rucksack up thanks to 2 meters of zip!  That’s a lot of zip, but the pack is wide open so you can easily attach the Dry Bag, pack it, compress it and close it up.

Then you can pack the rest of your belongings around the compressed bag.  There is a padded 15″ laptop compartment on the back panel, and even has a quick release tab!  A hidden pocket for easy access to your passport and travel documents.



Attention to detail can be seen with the simple addition of velcro on the underside of the top of the GoBag 2.  The washbag that is included, also has a velcro strip and this sticks the two together and keeps it in place at the top.

A pocket on top of the bag provides a grab and go option for items you constantly need.



  • Dimensions – 35 x 55 x 20cm
  • Weight – 1.8KG (empty)
  • Fixed Sternum Strap
  • Removable Waist Belt
  • Fixed Shoulder Straps; can be packed away without removing.
  • 2 x Water Bottle Holders
  • Side & Top Handles
  • Outer Magnetic Compression Straps





The GoBag 2 is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.  At the time of being published you can secure the early bird price of £125/$163.  The next round of pricing is £135/$179.


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