One month in to 2018 and many of us may have already fallen behind on those New Year resolutions to lead a healthier life! If this is you or you just need a little extra encouragement, Garmins latest fitness wearable might just be the tech you need!




Garmin Vívofit 4

The newest fitness tracker from Garmin, is also currently their cheapest wearable at just £69!  SO there has never been a better time to invest in some wearable tech and improve your fitness!  And just because you might be travelling, there is even an option for some light-hearted competition with your friends and family!




Usually a lower price point means fewer features.  Not here!  Instead, Garmin have come up with a more ‘pure’ fitness tracker and one I think could benefit frequent travellers!  The Vívofit 4 has not taken away, but simplified the tracker experience in a number of ways.

Firstly, out of the box one time set up is all the device needs to get going.  Yes, you can sync it to your smartphone if you wish via the Garmin Connect App (Android | iOS | Windows).  This does offers customisation such as different face types and themes, enables you to configure your activity tracking and drill down into your results for a better understanding of what you have (or have not!) achieved.  Yet it is not critical to do for the average user.

Installing the app and syncing is recommended as this data, along with sleep tracking, really does help you stay on top of keeping active when travel schedules can get in the way.

But unlike most other trackers, it is not a vital part in delivering a user experience in the core demands of owning one.   This tracker is there to keep note of all you do and deliver the information as and when you require it.  A fact that is enforced by the one year battery life!



The Vívofit 4 comes with a claimed battery life of one year!  No need to charge, or miss out on an activity or training session and it removes one of my biggest annoyances with these devices, a unique charging cable!  Over the last 4 months I have tested trackers from TomTom and two different models of FitBit and all 3 had different charge cables that wouldn’t work on any other device.  Who needs to pack or remember another charge cable when travelling?

When the devices does go flat you can replace the batteries by following the Garmin ‘How To’ guide and purchasing 2 x SR43 button batteries, it is that easy!

“An activity tracker is only as effective as how often you wear it, and this is where the vívofit 4 really shines – you can set it and forget it…. It’s the ideal device for customers who want something reliable that they don’t need to hassle with or take off to recharge.” ~ Andrew Silver, Garmin EMEA Product Manager, Fitness. 


Finally, the feature that most helps it become a real ‘set it and forget it’ tracker, is that it is swim-proof.  There is no need to take it off for a shower or a swim, in fact it will monitor your swim thanks to the Workout intensity monitoring!

No charging, minimal set up, waterproof, simple but finely loaded fitness tracker that the whole family can use!  Which brings me neatly on to a fun option the Vívofit 4 has.

If you regularly travel away from your family, the Vívofit 4 has a useful way for you to all stay in touch.  The Toe to Toe challenge that works against other Vívofit 4 and Vívofit jr. 2 (for the kids).  It is a step challenge you can all participate in each day to keep the whole family moving, even if not together!





Each Vívofit 4 comes in either Small/Medium or Large sizes.  Both can come in Black, but only the small/medium size has the additional colours options of White or Speckle.

  • Circumference
    • Small/Medium – 122-128mm
    • Large – 148-215mm
  • Display Size – 11 x 11mm
  • Colour Display
  • Swim-proof
  • Up to 1 year (2 x SR43 user replaceable)
  • Accelerometer
  • Monitors Sleep/Steps/Calories Burned/Distance/workout Intensity
  • Toe to Toe Challenges



The Garmin Vívofit 4 Activity tracker is available now for £69 direct from Garmin.


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