With Spring just around the corner and the start of the festival season soon after, many people will be digging out their kit, ready for a return to the Great Outdoors!

Long time readers of the site will know I am often covering new tech from BioLite, the masters in off-grid living, who seem to do a great job of launching a new device or product every couple of months.



BioLite SunLight

Utilising renewable energy for outdoor travel is big business!  Most of the conferences, and shows, I attended last year, had brands vying for outdoor travellers business in this space!  Persuading people to ditch their batteries and gas canisters for cleaner alternatives.  BioLite, for me, have the perfect balance of functionality, design and longevity; new tech on renewable power!  The SunLight is just that.




This palm sized lantern can provide 100 lumens of dimmable white light for your campsite, tent, or lead the way for a night hike!  A single full charge can deliver up to 50 hours of light before needing a top up and, being BioLite, that is easy to do!  On one side are the LEDs and the other a 0.45w Solar Panel.  Each morning just turn the lantern around, or clip it to your backpack and the SunLight charges itself ready for when you need it next!

A full Solar charge will take around 7 hours, or if you need a boost, there’s a Micro USB slot on the edge for last-minute tops ups.  A full USB charge will take 2 hours.

For the best results, there is an integrated sundial to help get the best charge possible. No batteries, and no dark nights!



For ease of use the swing arm can rotate 360°, so you can hang, hook and stand the SunLight where you need to for light or charging.

To operate the SunLight there is a single button that provides all the controls you need.  Press and hold the power button to dim the white light as required or use it to scroll through the RGB spectrum adding a bit of colour if needed.  There is even a party mode which cycles through each of the colours the SunLight can offer!




As a single sealed unit the SunLight was made to be outside.  The IPX4 rating for water resistance means there is no need to worry when the weather turns bad!

  • Dimensions – 85 x 86 x 23mm
  • Weight – 95g
  • Water Resistance – IPX4
  • Brightness – 100Lm (lumens)
  • Charge Time
    • Solar – 7 Hours
    • USB – 2 Hours


The SunLight is now on sale direct from BioLite for £19 in either Grey/Teal or you can save £10 by purchasing a 4-pack at £79.


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