One of my ‘discoveries’ during #CES2018 in January, was Cinemood.  A small start-up, with a small product but a very big, and very clear, picture!  Travelling with your children is a great experience, but every now and then a little help is needed, and Cinemood have that for you!



Cinemood 3-in-1 Magic Cinema

When you travel with children you want them to explore and enjoy everything their new surroundings have to offer, but long journeys and unfamiliar bedrooms can cause unrest.  If this sounds familiar, then Cinemood might be for you.

The device is a small form projector that fits in the palm of your hand, yet gives you the ability to take your favorite movies, shows, audio and streaming services with you, on the road.

It’s not just a media device, but an educational one too!




This go anywhere, work anywhere projector has both online and offline modes so you will never be caught short if you are not on a WIFI network.

What caught my attention as I was just about to walk past the Cinemood booth was just how clear and sharp the image was!  There was a dark room on the booth to demonstrate the image in optimal conditions but it honestly worked just as well under the center lighting, and from any angle.  So not only is the device portable, but the projection is too and with the image able to reach up to 3 meters in size, why not use it outside during the summer!

There are external ports so you can stream via USB or enhance the audio with a portable speaker.



But Cinemood is so much more than an on-the-go TV.  It can transform those bedtimes in a strange hotel, or AirBnB, into a  more relaxing experience!

Point the Cinemood up to the ceiling and choose from one of the books, audio tales or lullabies that are all preloaded.  Out of the box the Magic Cinema has:

  • 135 Cartoon Episodes
  • 32 Audio Tales
  • 20 Digital Books
  • 11 Lullaby Albums
  • 6 Hand Shadow Puppet lessons


All of that before you add your own media, or one of the four Smart Covers which each add additional content.



The Smart Covers are silicon cases for the Cinemood, each with a different NFC chip to help the Magic Cinema identify the case.  When it is connected to a WIFI network the Cinemood will download the content associated with the Smart Cover.  There are:

  • HooplaKidz – 25 Educational Videos
  • Kit N Kate – 28 Episodes
  • KikOriki – 42 Episodes
  • Om Nom – 18 Episodes




Cinemood also have a custom free App for Android and iOS users.  The App connects to the device and mimics the control panel on the projector.



The Mantra of Cinemood is one I relate to and agree with strongly.  Yes, children should not be stuck behind screens all the time but technology, at the right time and in the right manner, can enhance and amaze in learning and family time.

“We also believe that technology can make family time a bit more fun, memorable and magical. We want to see media act as a source of new and exciting experiences instead of just a means to kill time, and we believe that a lot of parents would say the same”. ~ Cinemood



  • Dimensions – 8 x 8 x 8cm
  • Weight – 260g
  • Battery Life 5 hours (depending on use)
  • Lamp Life – 20,000 Hours
  • Youtube and Netflix Streaming
  • Free to Download App for Android & iOS
  • Apple Watch Support



The Cinemood 3-in-1 Magic Cinema Projector is on sale in the US only but ships to most other countries.  The device is $399 direct from Cinemood.  Each of the Smart Covers are $49.  Shipping outside of the US, to Europe for example, is a flat fee of $30.

Alternatively, you can try your local Amazon.  For UK consumers, has the Cinemood for £359, but not Prime eligible.


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