During Mobile Word Congress this year, Nokia announced several new Smart Phones and, as we witnessed last year, one of them was to be a reworked blast from the past!




Anyone who was a teen during the late 90’s & early 00’s will recall Nokia being the market leader in mobile phones. Nowadays they may not be battling with the flagship brands & devices we have on the market, but they do have a tailored range for different price points and, the hardware? Well.  They’re good.  Very good!



Nokia 8 Sirocco

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At the top of the Nokia spectrum is the new 8 Sirocco.  At first glance it does appear rather similar to the new Galaxy S9, but as you pick up the Gorilla®️ glass encased phone the look and feel does differ….. in a good way!  The curved front and back edges almost wrap the entire phone into one perfectly sculpted device, if not for the thin steel rim separating the two pieces.  But this did improve the grip in my hand.

The Sirocco will come with Android Oreo installed, and is part of the Android One list of devices.   Android One smart phones run an unmodified version of software which provides a better user experience, regular security updates and free unlimited photo storage with Google Photos!




There is no easy way to break this!  When the Nokia 8 Sirocco goes on sale at some time during April it will cost around €700+!!  That is right up there with the high-end flagship devices from Apple, Google and Samsung.

I only had 10 minutes with each of the Nokia devices, and the Sirocco did stand out as a smart phone with great potential, but they may regret putting this one in to fight it out with the market leaders.


Nokia 7 Plus

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This is where I think Nokia are getting it right! The 7 Plus has a decent sized 6″ display and a handful of high-end features.  All in a functional yet easy on the eye casing and, most importantly, the right price point!

The rear camera is again a dual lens set-up and even the front facing camera is at the top end of the spectrum with 16MP!  Although this model doesn’t come with the curved edge display, the very thin bezel does well to give you all the screen you need.  Perfect for movies on the go!

Despite the, larger than most screen, Nokia told me they expect a 2 day battery life under general use!  If that means a normal power user can go a full day without worrying about that little icon in the top right corner, well I’d be happy with that!




The Nokia 7 Plus has just gone on Pre-order in the UK for £349.99 with Amazon which I think is exceptional value!  A near similar camera to the Sirocco, one of the biggest smart phone displays on the market and the feel of a quality product!  A mid-range handset, but at the top of this bracket!

New Nokia 6

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Bordering between a top-end entry-level and low-end mid range handset is where you will find the new Nokia 6.  With a good range of features this device will work well with anyone who is not interested in the big-ticket flagship models or needs a reliable back-up when travelling.

The Nokia 6 has the hallmarks of some of its predecessors in terms of its durability and robustness!  Built from a single block of aluminium, it felt and looked like it can handle a few knocks and drops!  Google One is present in all the new Nokia models, and although the cameras on the new 6 are not that powerful, there will be unlimited storage for your images.  It can also record video in 4k!

The 5.5″ display is ok for this price point and does have a more pronounced bezel around it, feeling much smaller when placed next to the earlier two.  There is also fast charge capability and a fingerprint sensor for additional security.




The New Nokia 6 is due to go on sale in April and is expected to be priced at €279.  Sign up on the Nokia site for notifications.