Recently, I reviewed the original MYNT, a Bluetooth Smart Tracker that gave much more than just locating your missing items.

I caught up Slightech, the team behind MYNT, earlier this year at CES where we discussed a couple of their upcoming products.  One of which, the ES Tracker, is now available.




MYNT ES Features

The ES is not an upgrade to the original, instead it’s an entry-level tracker from Slightech as they build up a range of devices.  Gone are the additional features and sleek, stainless steel finishes and, instead, are replaced by a lightweight durable plastic fob.




On the outside of the ES there are no visible buttons but a discrete hidden one under the MYNT logo.  To the rear is a small, but loud, speaker and that is all!  The smart technology is within the free to download app which is available on Android and iOS devices.

As a basic bluetooth tracker, the ES helps you locate the item you have attached it to via Bluetooth connectivity, or GPS locating.  With Bluetooth tracking you do need to be within around 30ft of the tracker, but the app logs the last known GPS coordinates of the tracker should you have gone further afield.

So what happens if you are beyond 30ft away from your tracker?



MYNT GPS Community Detection

When you are out of Bluetooth range of your missing tracker, you can open the app and mark it as missing.  This will then use the MYNT Community around the globe to find your missing item!  Whenever another MYNT user goes within Bluetooth range of your ‘Marked as Missing’ tracker, a notification will be pushed to your device with the GPS location of where it is!

One of the most useful features of the ES is what it can find for you, namely your smart phone!  If you have your MYNT but can’t find your phone, a long press of the MYNT logo will force your phone to start ringing!  Keep the button pressed until you locate it, then just let go!  You don’t even need the app open for this command to work!

I have used this multiple times when I forget where I’ve put my phone down around the house.  As long as my phone is on, the MYNT forces it to ring at full volume regardless of whether it is on silent or not.




Alternatively, if it is the item with MYNT attached you have lost, just open the app, tap and hold the on-screen button and the ES lets of a very audible signal to help you locate it.

Set-up and configuring the app was easy!  Less the a couple of minutes.  The on-screen instructions were straight forward to follow and both Android and iOS phones picked the ES up straight away.


MYNT ES Specifications

  • Dimensions – 5.2 x 2.8 x 0.5 cm
  • Weight – 9g
  • New Louder 80dB Speaker
  • Concealed Button
  • Replaceable CR2032 Battery
  • Within ~6ft GPS Accuracy



MYNT ES is £12.99 for a single tracker and £44.99 for a pack of four from your Amazon store.


In Summary

The MYNT ES was created as an entry-level Bluetooth tracker, which is just as well given I consider its predecessor as the best on the market!  MYNT are building a range of trackers and the ES is more than good enough to be compared with other similar devices on the market today.

Set-up was easy, the device itself is small enough to fit into a purse or wallet and the recent series of updates to the App have improved the user experience.

It even has the best of both worlds with the longest  lifespan and a replaceable battery when it does run out.  Its nearest competitors can only claim one or the other! But with the price point so close to the original multi functional tracker, I’d be more tempted to pay the extra!

Whether you travel occasionally or weekly, if something is valuable, have a MYNT tracker on it!


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