As recent news and reviews have been very Android focused of late (and will be in the near future) I thought it time to share some love with the Apple owners!

If you’ve recently purchased a new iPhone, iPad or MacBook from Apple you will have noticed a distinct lack of ports or ones that differed from your previous model.  That’s because in an effort to slim down their devices, Apple have done away with many of them in the hope you will purchase some new cables or dongles to help you get along!

Things only get worse if you’re an Apple Watch owner who likes to change their straps every day! So with all these add-ons, how is any Apple user meant to store all these accessories when travelling?


BentoStack from Function101

Anyone who travels with plenty of accessories will appreciate the genius behind the BentoStack.  Designed, specifically with Apple products in mind, any connected traveller can make use of its clever storage solution and space-saving capabilities!



The BentoStack is a storage box for your Apple accessories when travelling.  Built on the blueprint of the traditional Japanese food boxes,  it is made up of two main storage sections, two storage lids, a top case and a silicon band.  All of which look as sleek and stylish as the Apple products you are using thanks, in part, to the smooth soft rubber finish.

Each of the main compartments has two movable dividers so you can adjust them to suit your needs, and there’s a place for everything!  With the base section best used for the heavier wall chargers, users in Europe can purchase the Bento XL which has just a little more depth to allow for the bigger style power packs.  But with the standard and XL both costing nearly the same, users in North America will probably opt for the XL anyway!


It’s not just the containers that provide storage, as the two lids also serve a purpose!  The first can hold up to two Apple Watch straps and the other, your Apple pencil.  The pencil holder can also support newer iPhone models in landscape mode, so you can use it as a display stand!


With the exception of the slightly deeper XL, both models are the same specifications and colour ranges.

  • Dimensions – 7.4 x 3.7 x 3.3″ (XL: 7.4 x 3.7 x 3.7″)
  • Silicone Strap
  • Colours – Silver/Rose Gold/Space Grey



After a very successful Indigogo campaign the BentoStack is now available in the Indiegogo Marketplace for $39 + shipping..  If you need the bigger option, then the StackXL can be purchased for $49 direct from Function101.

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