One of my favorite enhancements for smartphones are media cases, or rigs, that help you to drastically improve your image and video recording.  These support you to make the most of the powerful cameras on your phone without the need to invest in the more expensive cameras on the market.




New iOgrapher 10.5″ iPad Pro Case

iOgrapher have featured on {Tech} for Travel many times before.  Not just because they make great cases for, mostly, Apple products, but because their social channels are used to help everyone shoot better video.  Not only by promoting their own products, but devices from other brands, and every budget, to assist you in making your next travel video, the best yet!

I used mine this year during the #MWC2018 event in Barcelona and had so many comments and questions about it!  So I am glad to see a new model, that supports one of Apples most powerful portable devices, finally get released!




With the exception of the internal housing that will fit perfectly for the iPad 10.5″ Pro model, most of the features here are found on all earlier iPad cases.  There is, however, one new addition that will improve the user experience; the Lens Clip System.

Historically, iOgrapher iPhone cases were made for nearly every new iteration of iPhone but this seemed only to be when Apple decided to move their camera by a few millimeters in any direction.  Although the phone may fit into the case, the lens was not centrally placed within the fixed thread lens hole, where you would screw in your 37mm lens attachments.  iOgraphers answer to this was a bigger open area around the camera area and allow users to clip, and adjust, the Lens over the iPhone camera.

This system is much more functional, and quicker to apply, and has now made it over to the iPad cases starting with the 10.5″ Pro case.




As with other iPad cases, the new model has 3 cold shoe mounts at the top.  This is where you can add peripherals such as external microphones, lighting rigs or any other accessory with a cold shoe connection.

There is an extra 1/4 20 connection on the iPad case over the iPhone models so fixing it to a tripod and having it at the exact position to film should not be an issue!






With the bigger screen space of the 10.5″ iPad over an iPhone, and the additional cold shoe and 1/4 20 mounts, this combination can be perfect for anyone wanting to enhance their travel videos!  And with some great video editing apps available, a perfect set up for vloggers!

  • 3 x Cold Shoe Mounts for Mic/Lights
  • 3 x 1/4 20 Mounts for Tripod (2 on Handle, 1 on Base)
  • Easy-In Easy-Out iOgrapher Clip system
  • New 37mm Lens Clip System





The new iOgrapher 10.5″ iPad Pro case is $69 and available for Preorder now, direct from iOgrapher.  You can use code IOGPO10 at checkout, which gets 15% off and is active until launch.

You can also purchase iOgrapher and other brands accessories on their webstore.

If you are wanting to learn more about mobile video, I can highly recommend ‘Life. Camera. Action’.  A book written by Dave Basulto, creator of the iOgrapher.


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