A little under a year has passed since the first version of the Snap Spectacles went on sale outside of North America.  Now, the social app are back with their latest device just in time to be this summers ‘Must Have’ wearable!



Snap Spectacles 2.0

The first version of the Snap Spectacles was released amid much fanfare and with a great way to purchase them; via the SnapBot that was popping up all over the globe!  And, as fashionable as they were, the longevity for using them didn’t last with some users.  But, Snap has addressed the core issues and come back with a leaner, more tech packed 2.0!





This time out, the Spectacles can now take photos! Something, the original was lacking and potentially why many did not stick with them.  Now just a single push and hold (1 Second) of the record button takes a still image.  This will give you a circular image just the same as the video, but with a slightly better resolution, 1642 x 1642px.

Video recording is the same as before with the Smart glasses recording 10 second bursts, or with a double tap, you can extend your recording a further 2 times up to a total of a 30 second clip.  All photo and video captures are now in HD, where as you had the option of SD or HD for video on the first device.

On-board WiFi connectivity has been greatly improved, with Snap claiming data transfers from the Spectacles to your smart phone will happen up to 4x faster than before!




Then there is the size! Snap have managed to improve on every feature of the first version and introduce photo capabilities, yet reduce the size and weight of the new model.  Even the protective case, which once again charges the Spectacles, is smaller and more pocket friendly!

All of this is now wrapped up in a water-resistant unit.  So now you can wear, and use, them in the pool or sea without causing damage.  Word of caution though; the only guidelines printed so far are for use in shallow waters and only for short periods of time!  Be warned!





It appears Snap have listened to the early adopters and users from the first gen Spectacles and really focused on making right the pain points people experience last time!

The Spectacles 2.0 will again come in three colours, but this time each will have a choice of 2 shades of lens.

  • Dimensions – 48-25-140
  • Weight – 45.4g
  • Colours:
    • Onyx w/Moonlight or Eclipse lens
    • Ruby w/Daybreak or Sunset lens
    • Sapphire w/Twilight or Midnight lens
  • Dual Microphone
  • Water-Resistant
  • 4GB Flash Storage
    • Storage for up to 150 Videos or 3,000 Still Photos
  • Battery 70 Videos per Use


The Second Generation Spectacles from Snap are now on sale for £149 and come with free shipping.


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