Last year I covered the new, and first, phone from Essential.  A company and device created by one of the creators of Android, the Google Operating system, Andy Rubin.



Essential Phone Available in New Markets

When the Essential phone was first released I was very, very tempted to leave my iPhone behind and get on board with it.  The device looks stunning, formed from titanium and ceramic for a super smooth finish and has all the features you could want in a market leading handset.  It even embraced a bit of change by incorporating a clip on accessory in its 360 Camera.

But it was not to be as on its release, the Essential phone was only made available in the US!  There were promises of this expanding before the end of 2017 but it never happened, until now!






This is great news for Android users looking for an upgrade or Apple ones thinking of a change.  The Essential runs on Android Oreo which is the latest version of the software so it is still very relevant despite being nearly a year old!


Be Warned

A point to note in their announcement tweet is around the special terms and conditions for Non US orders!

You can read the full Terms of sale, International Orders and Returns policies on the Essential site if you have any concerns before you order.



The Essential phone is $499 + shipping and available direct from Essential.  I tried a dummy booking to test the shipping costs to the UK which were between $34-$37 depending on which FedEx service I wanted.

Even with shipping a phone like this for under $550 is a great offer!


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