One of the most impressive devices I had a chance to test at Mobile World Congress this year was the new flagship device from Nokia.  At the time of my review there was no published price or release date, both of which have now been announced!



Nokia 8 Sirocco Pricing

As expected the Nokia 8 Sirocco has been made available for preorder from the Nokia site and will retail at £699 (sim free).  Shipping is due to begin on 16th May with deliveries then due 1-5 days beyond this date!

At the time the smart phone was first announced it was expected to be priced at £700 upwards, so even at just £1 under this makes a more appealing sight.  And when compared, price wise, against the other flagship Android devices it looks an even better deal!  

The Samsung S9, for example, is nearly £140 more and even though it is a great handset, if you want the quality but not the price tag, the Sirocco could be the phone for you!





The Sirocco is also, arguably, the most high-profile device currently running Android One.

This is a ‘clean’ form of the Android software that runs as the developers intended it to be!  There are no added on apps or features, just pure Google goodness….. right up until you get into the Google Play store!

The device itself looks great, has been crafted and encased in Gorilla Glass and delivered a good user experience for the time I spent using it.

Where to Buy

The Nokia 8 Sirocco is £699 direct from the Nokia store.


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